Vietti, a celebrated producer in the Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy, is renowned for its Barolo wines. While not classified like Bordeaux's grands crus, Vietti’s Barolos are often held in the same high esteem as other notable producers like Giacomo Conterno and Bruno Giacosa, representing the pinnacle of Italian winemaking.


  • 100 point scores: 2013 Barolo Riserva Villero, 2016 Barolo Rocche di Castiglione
  • Most popular for: Its Barolo wines, particularly the single-vineyard labels
  • Highest achievement: Pioneering single-vineyard Barolo wines, a practice that has significantly influenced the region

Provenance & Masters Behind the Bottle

Founded in the late 19th century, Vietti is currently helmed by the Currado family, with Luca Currado in charge of winemaking. Under Luca’s guidance, the winery has maintained its revered status while innovating within the traditional framework of Piedmontese winemaking, earning acclaim for both its classic and modern approaches.

Vineyard & Craftsmanship

Vietti’s vineyards, spread across some of the most prestigious crus in Barolo, are cultivated with a deep respect for terroir. The winery’s meticulous approach to viticulture, including low yields and sustainable practices, contributes to the depth, complexity, and character of its wines. The balance of Nebbiolo grapes, along with minor proportions of Barbera and Dolcetto, reflects Vietti’s commitment to showcasing the diversity and richness of the Piedmont region.

Aging & Investment Value

Vietti’s wines, especially its Barolo offerings, are noted for their exceptional aging potential. The combination of their scarcity, the prestige of the vineyards, and the acclaim they have garnered make these wines highly sought-after assets for collectors and investors, promising not only a sublime tasting experience but also considerable appreciation in value over time.

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