Domaine Robert Groffier


Domaine Robert Groffier holds a distinguished status among Burgundy's producers. Though not officially classified like Bordeaux estates, its vineyards boast Premier Cru and Grand Cru holdings. It finds company in the echelons of Burgundy excellence with iconic names like Domaine de la Romanée-Conti and Domaine Armand Rousseau.


  • 100 Point Scores: None to date, yet consistently rated above 95 points.
  • Most Popular: "Les Amoureuses" is a sought-after Premier Cru, exemplifying elegance and structure.
  • Highest Achievement: Global recognition for expressive and complex Pinot Noir wines, particularly from its Chambertin-Clos de Bèze vineyard.

Provenance & Masters Behind the Bottle

Domaine Robert Groffier is led by the skilled duo of Serge Groffier and his son, Nicolas. The Groffiers have been tending vines in Burgundy for seven generations. They are revered for a distinct wine-making style that brings forth the vineyard's true essence, without overshadowing it with excessive oak or other interventions. Serge is known for his meticulous vineyard management, while Nicolas brings a modern touch, emphasizing precision and clarity in the wines.

Vineyard & Craftsmanship

Their parcels include some of the most coveted vineyards in Chambolle-Musigny, such as the Premier Cru "Les Amoureuses" and the Grand Cru "Bonnes Mares." The Groffiers employ organic farming techniques and practice minimal intervention during winemaking. A balance of old vines, ranging from 30 to 70 years, adds complexity and character. Exclusivity reigns, as only a limited number of bottles are produced each year.

Aging & Investment Value

Groffier wines have proven to age exceptionally well, with the ability to mature and evolve over decades. This longevity, coupled with their limited availability, places them high on the list for savvy wine investors.


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