Marcassin Vineyard


Marcassin Vineyard isn't your standard California winery; it's a phenomenon in the realm of New World wines. Though it doesn't fall under the traditional "Grands Crus Classes" designation, it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with esteemed Bordeaux Châteaux like Lafite, Latour, and Margaux.


  • Vintages with 100-point scores: 2007 Marcassin Estate Chardonnay, 2012 Marcassin Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • Most Popular: Marcassin Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • Highest Achievement: Consistent inclusion in top global investment portfolios

Provenance & Masters Behind the Bottle

Founded by Helen Turley and John Wetlaufer, Marcassin Vineyard is a shining beacon of winemaking prowess. Helen Turley, a legend in the winemaking community, has shaped Marcassin to be an epitome of exclusivity.

Vineyard & Craftsmanship

Nestled in the Sonoma Coast, the Marcassin estate comprises 20 acres of vineyards. These varietals undergo rigorous hand-selection processes to ensure only the crème de la crème contribute to the wine's final profile.

Aging & Investment Value

Marcassin wines are not just beverages; they're financial assets. The winery's best vintages not only age gracefully but also accrue significant value over time.

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