Sine Qua Non


Sine Qua Non, a reputable producer in California, isn't governed by the traditional classification systems of Bordeaux or Burgundy. However, if we were to draw a parallel, Sine Qua Non would unquestionably stand beside the likes of Château Margaux and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti for its consistent high quality and collector's appeal.


  • 100-point vintages: 2000 "In Flagrante," 2002 "Just For The Love Of It," 2003 "The Inaugural," and the 2014 "Le Chemin Vers L'Hérésie."
  • Most Popular: The "Syrah" variety stands as the most sought-after among collectors.
  • Highest Achievement: Owner and winemaker Manfred Krankl received the Wine Spectator's Critics Choice Award, a non-traditional but widely esteemed recognition in the wine world.

Provenance & Masters Behind the Bottle

Founded by Manfred Krankl and his wife Elaine, Sine Qua Non has enjoyed an almost mythical status since its inception in 1994. Manfred, an Austrian immigrant, is not just a winemaker but an artist, often creating the unique labels for each wine himself. Though it's easy to focus on the limited-quantity, high-scoring bottles, the Krankls' meticulous craftsmanship transcends numerical scores.

Vineyard & Craftsmanship

Sine Qua Non primarily utilizes Rhône grape varietals, though the specific blend varies each year, making each vintage truly unique. With vines ranging from 10 to 20 years of age, the balance struck between the Syrah, Grenache, and other grape varieties contributes to the wine's distinct profile. Due to its small production scale—often less than 3,500 cases a year—owning a bottle is a feat in itself.

Aging & Investment Value

With each vintage, Sine Qua Non wines only gain in complexity and character, making them excellent investments for collectors. These wines often reach their peak 10 to 15 years after release, though many can age gracefully for even longer. Scarcity, coupled with an ever-growing demand, has made each bottle not just a drinkable artwork but a tangible asset.

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